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como llegar a zipolite desde puerto escondido

How to get to Zipolite

Give our recommendations on whether to get to Zipolite by car, plane or bus. Any of the options should reach Pochutla as your base city.


Roadtrip, an unforgettable experience.

Some consider it the most comfortable, others not so much for the hours of travel.


Come fly with me! 

The fastest option to get there although sometimes not the most economical


The most economical option without a doubt but consider approx 12hrs to 14hrs of travel.



Historia de Zipolite playa nudista

Foto a color de Zipolite sin hoteles

In Zipolite since the 1950s there have been two or three families dedicated mainly to the planting of corn, beans, squash, sesame from temporary formIn other words, taking advantage of the rainy season to achieve self-consumption production and hunting of wild animals.

It was the time of rock and roll and under the motto of "love and peace" the young people of those times, came to Zipolite and indeed they found what they had been told, amazed they threw themselves swimming and sunbathing, without clothes thus inaugurating the first mexican nude beach; they were called "hippies”.

Vista de la playa del amor en zipolte
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