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A nudist beach in Mexico? Yes, is Zipolite

A nudist beach in Mexico? Yes, is Zipolite

Zipolite a nudist beach in Mexico. When someone asks about Mexico you are thinking about, tacos, burritos, and sombreros but in case your wonder we have some other amazing things that it makes Mexico more value for your vacations.

Some people find in Mexico the best beaches to stays in their vacations like Cabo, Cancun or Playa del Carmen. And of course, they are amazing beaches but you need to live a different experience, you have to find the correct beach in México. And here you have Zipolite, a unique nudist beach to stay with your friends, partner or even alone.

Zipolite, where the clothes are optional

Zipolite playa nudista
Zipolite nudist beach

Zipolite it is a nudist beach but you don’t have to be nude to be in it, but be careful, nudism is only “legal” on the beach, if you go to the village, you need to wear some clothes. There are some Hotels like Nude Hotel where you can be naked all the time if you want.

Playa del amor a favorite place to be naked

To get to Playa del Amor, walk all the way to the end of the main beach (to the left if you’re looking out to the ocean). You’ll find some rocks with a concrete staircase leading over the top of them. This hidden beach is a perfect spot to have some privacy while getting naked. You’ll find this beach a very relaxed, friendly, and non-judgmental vibe. There’s also a small bar selling coconuts, beer, and mezcal (better than Tequila).

playa nudista en zipolite
Playa del amor en

What it makes unique?

On the Pacific coast in Oaxaca, you’ll find Zipolite. We have this spirit of yoga-mecca and a hippy soul. And of course, we are nudist-friendly, with many visitors taking a dip in the sea in the nude.
We also have this characteristic place where you can find the warmth and hospitality of the local people, the hot wheater (even in winter) to escape from your cold wheater. Food… the amazing food that you can find in Oaxaca, some people said that it is a great food experience travel to Oaxaca.

Change your mode in Zipolite

Wake up and have breakfast in front of the beach, listening to the amazing soundtrack of your life, the sound of the waves crashing on the sand with hot weather.

hotel nude restaurante vista a la playa
La vista desde las mesas del restaurante

Come and Visit Zipolite a nudist beach in Mexico

Let us know if you want to visit Zipolite, we can give you some tips to get here or places to stay. Hotel Nude or Budamar you can have an exceptional experience to stay and if you are looking for some drinks you can have it at Chizme Bar

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